John Newkirk Family

John Newkirk Family

From building businesses that improve healthcare around the world, to charitable and volunteer work across the country, to working with students here in Colorado, much of my life has been spent bringing people together to help make our world a better place.

I’m running for the Jeffco school board because it’s time we focus our resources on assuring each child has the very best we can offer. Your school board should focus on what it takes to have each child get what they need to succeed.

I will work with my fellow board members to ensure that:

• Every student has a broad range of educational options, academic and vocational, that meet his or her unique interests and needs.
• Every parent has the information and voice they need to actively guide the education of their children,
• Every principal has the authority and flexibility to lead within their own school building,
• Every teacher has the tools needed to be professional craftspeople who inspire our children,
• Every resource is efficiently allocated so as to have the greatest impact.

My wife Melissa and I both received excellent public educations here in Jefferson County, and we have chosen to raise our children here (our youngest just started kindergarten). My goal is to assure that decisions made by your school board are not dictates from a central command, but rather inspired by deep community conversations that value all opinions and, above all, focus on what is best for our students.

 ”…inspired by deep community conversations that value all opinions…”